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Each ques­tion has four pos­si­ble an­swers and is worth from one to 15 points. Cir­cle your cho­sen an­swers and keep a record of your points to­tal. Max­i­mum to­tal points 120.

QUES­TION 1 – for 1 point: Which of these words is spelled in­cor­rectly? A Recipe B Cough C Vac­cine D Squirell QUES­TION 2 – for 2 points: Which birds are kept by the beefeaters at the Tower of Lon­don? A Pen­guins B Owls C Ravens D Geese QUES­TION 3 – for 3 points: In which moun­tain range is the fa­bled Abom­inable Snow­man sup­posed to live? A Andes B Hi­malayas C Rockies D Alps QUES­TION 4 – for 4 points: De­men­tors are fan­tasy crea­tures in which book se­ries? A Game of Thrones B Lord of the Rings C Harry Potter D The Hunger Games QUES­TION 5 – for 5 points: By which other name was Billy the Kid known? A Wil­liam Bon­ney B Jesse James C Ned Kelly D Clyde Bar­row QUES­TION 6 – for 6 points: Which of the fol­low­ing acids is used to fill car bat­ter­ies? A Acetic B Lac­tic C Sul­phuric D Ni­tric QUES­TION 7 – for 7 points: What are flukes on a ship? A Pro­pel­ler blades B Barbs on the an­chors C Bar­na­cles on the keel D Cleats to at­tach moor­ing ropes QUES­TION 8 – for 8 points: Singer Olly Murs was a run­ner-up on which TV tal­ent show? A Britain’s Got Tal­ent B Danc­ing on Ice C The X Fac­tor D The Voice QUES­TION 9 – for 9 points: Who is the only player to have won FIFA Bal­lon d’Or – World player of the Year for four con­sec­u­tive years? A Chris­tiano Ron­aldo B Zine­dine Zi­dane C Lionel Messi D Geiorge Weah QUES­TION 10 – for 10 points: What is mea­sured by an in­ter­fer­om­e­ter? A Wave­lengths B Speed of elec­tri­cal cur­rent C The dis­tance be­tween stars D Ra­di­a­tion QUES­TION 11 – for 11 points: In which town in Vir­ginia is the Pen­tagon sit­u­ated? A Alexan­dria B Nor­folk C Rich­mond D Ar­ling­ton QUES­TION 12 – for 12 points: What was Lu­ciano Pavarotti’s oc­cu­pa­tion be­fore he be­came a pro­fes­sional singer? A So­lic­i­tor B School teacher C Bank clerk D Po­lice­man QUES­TION 13 – for 13 points: Which is the heav­i­est of these el­e­ments? A Lead B Gold C Plat­inum D Ura­nium QUES­TION 14 – for 14 points: In which coun­try is Lake Dis­ap­point­ment? A Aus­tralia B South Africa C Canada D New Zealand QUES­TION 15 – for 15 points: In which cas­tle was King Ed­ward II mur­dered? A Berke­ley B Fotheringa­y C Caernar­fon D Colch­ester

Pop singer Olly Murs. See Ques­tion 8

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