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Each ques­tion has four pos­si­ble an­swers and is worth from one to 15 points. Cir­cle your cho­sen an­swers and keep a record of your points to­tal. Max­i­mum to­tal points 120.

QUES­TION 1 – for 1 point: Where is the fa­mous tourist re­sort of Waikiki Beach? A Cal­i­for­nia B Hawaii C Brazil D Aus­tralia QUES­TION 2 – for 2 points: What colour is the artist’s pig­ment carmine? A Red B Blue C Green D Yel­low QUES­TION 3 – for 3 points: From which di­rec­tion does the pre­vail­ing wind blow in Eng­land? A North-east B South-east C North-west D South-west QUES­TION 4 – for 4 points: Which dis­ci­ple did Je­sus de­scribe as his ‘rock’? A Peter B Paul C John D David QUES­TION 5 – for 5 points: In which Walt Dis­ney car­toon fea­ture film does a cat named Lu­cifer ap­pear? A Snow White B Cin­derella C Pinoc­chio D The Aris­to­cats QUES­TION 6 – for 6 points: In 2016, for­mer model Jerry Hall mar­ried which me­dia mag­nate? A Richard Bran­son B Ted Turner C Con­rad Black D Ru­pert Mur­doch QUES­TION 7 – for 7 points: On which Span­ish ‘costa’ is the re­sort of Tor­re­moli­nos? A Costa Blanca B Costa Do­rada C Costa Brava D Costa del Sol QUES­TION 8 – for 8 points: What is mea­sured by a calorime­ter? A Heat B Light C En­ergy D Fric­tion QUES­TION 9 – for 9 points: Which of the fol­low­ing fruits has the Latin name Ananas co­mo­sus? A Ba­nana B Pome­gran­ate C Pineap­ple D Av­o­cado QUES­TION 10 – for 10 points: What is the nationalit­y of the tennis player Mi­los Raonic? A Cana­dian B Croa­t­ian C Aus­tralian D Amer­i­can QUES­TION 11 – for 11 points: Which rock group has had eight No 1 hit al­bums with­out ever hav­ing had a top ten sin­gle? A Gen­e­sis B Sta­tus Quo C Pink Floyd D Led Zep­pelin QUES­TION 12 – for 12 points: Who di­rected the films Alien, Glad­i­a­tor and Blade Run­ner? A Ri­d­ley Scott B Al­fred Hitch­cock C Martin Scors­ese D Steven Spiel­berg QUES­TION 13 – for 13 points: What is the bright­est star in the con­stel­la­tion of Ursa Mi­nor? A Po­laris B Sir­ius C Vega D Capella QUES­TION 14 – for 14 points: What name is given to the vo­cal or­gan of birds? A Syn­roc B Synovia C Sys­tole D Syrinx QUES­TION 15 – for 15 points: What in ar­chi­tec­ture is an oeil-de-boeuf? A A stone sphere B A type of cir­cu­lar win­dow C A foun­tain built into a wall D A sun­dial

For­mer model Jerry Hall. See Ques­tion 6

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