Fa­ther re­veals harsh re­al­ity of child­hood can­cer

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A fa­ther has re­vealed the “harsh re­al­ity” of child­hood can­cer as his seven-yearold son bat­tles the dis­ease.

James Sell­ers, 37, has spo­ken out about his son Lo­gan, who has a very rare form of can­cer called Rhab­domyosar­coma (RMS).

The youg­ster, who lives in Taly­bont, near Ban­gor, with dad James and twin sis­ter Franch­eska, was di­ag­nosed af­ter a lump de­vel­oped be­hind his right eye, push­ing it an inch away from his face.

The fam­ily are now liv­ing in Amer­ica un­til Jan­uary while Lo­gan re­ceives pro­ton ther­apy treat­ment and chemo­ther­apy.

James, who has setup a face­book page called ‘Lo­gan’s Jour­ney’ to keep peo­ple up­dated on his treat­ment, posted a pic­ture of his son af­ter a round of chemo­ther­apy which “knocked him for six”.

He in­tended for the photo to show the stark re­al­ity of what life is like for Lo­gan.

James said: “The main rea­son I posted a poorly pic­ture was to show the harsh re­al­ity be­hind the scenes.

“Lo­gan is a can­cer pa­tient, he is re­ally poorly and it af­fects him in ways peo­ple can’t imag­ine.

“It’s some­thing that no par­ent even con­sid­ers, I think that’s why it’s so much of a shock. To be hon­est it’s un­com­fort­able and up­set­ting to talk about but it’s only through peo­ple like me that peo­ple can be ed­u­cated.

“Lo­gan on a bad day is con­stant sick, even when his stom­ach is empty.

“He wakes up in the night in a sweat, scream­ing and cry­ing for no ap­par­ent rea­son and it can take up to an hour just to calm him down.

“He’ll lash out at me in tem­per, punch­ing and smack­ing.

“Any change his rou­tine or his planned hos­pi­tal vis­its makes him an­gry and up­set and he’ll throw him­self on the floor or sofa in a tem­per and will scream his his head off.

“He re­fuses to eat or drink and has no in­ter­est in any­thing, not even his fa­vorite games toys.

“The worst part is when he asks me ques­tions I can’t an­swer like why this is hap­pen­ing and when he’ll get bet­ter.”

De­spite the in­ten­sity of the treat­ment, James says he is de­ter­mined for his chil­dren to have a good time while in Jack­sonville, Florida in or­der to take their mind off Lo­gan’s con­di­tion.

James added: “Al­though we’re hav­ing a good time with the out­ings I have planned, ev­ery evening I sit down when they are in bed and think - is this treat­ment go­ing to work? Will my lit­tle boy be OK? Will I wake to find my lit­tle boy has lost his bat­tle and passed away in the night?

“That’s why I need to do what I can for him now and en­sure he has a good time.

“Peo­ple need to re­alise what this does to a fam­ily. Some­times I just don’t know what to do but at the same time I refuse to show my emo­tion to the twins, I have to stay strong.

“My life is Lo­gan and Franch­eska and un­til they are happy and well ev­ery­thing else just stops, I just have to be strong for them.”

A gofundme page has also been set up by Su­san Pritchard, Lo­gan’s step-grand­mother, to raise funds for liv­ing costs while they are in the US.

Lo­gan Sell­ers’ treat­ment for a rare can­cer makes him very poorly

James Sell­ers (cen­tre) with his twins Franch­eska and Lo­gan. Main is Lo­gan bat­tling his rare can­cer

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