Anti-py­lon cam­paign flags up buried lines in Lon­don

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AN­GRY cam­paign­ers have pointed to Na­tional Grid’s ac­tiv­i­ties in un­der­ground­ing ca­bles in Eng­land, in con­trast to their in­ten­tion to run high volt­age ca­bles on py­lons across An­gle­sey, The con­trast has prompted cam­paign­ers to say: “If you can do it in Eng­land then why not Wales?”

The Grid’s lat­est press re­lease shows they have cut a se­ries of tun­nels un­der Lon­don to house ca­bles – while they say it is too ex­pen­sive to un­der­ground ca­bles on An­gle­sey.

Dave Neal of An­gle­sey Says NO to Py­lons said of Na­tional Grid: “In their own words this is an in­no­va­tive project with real economies, they say that by hous­ing the ca­bles in deep un­der­ground tun­nels there will be a num­ber of ben­e­fits.

“These ben­e­fits will be, less dis­rup­tion dur­ing con­struc­tion, less dis­rup­tion for main­te­nance and re­pairs, fu­ture re­pairs and main­te­nance works can be car­ried out with­out dis­rupt­ing traf­fic, res­i­dents and busi­nesses and fi­nally ad­di­tional ca­bles can be in­stalled in tun­nels to meet fu­ture de­mand.”

Mr Neal added: “the Grid’s re­fusal to put the ca­bles un­der­ground here mean An­gle­sey will see none of the Lon­don project ben­e­fits and in­stead will see mas­sive and con­tin­ued dis­rup­tion to the com­mu­nity, through the in­stal­la­tion and ser­vic­ing of py­lons and over­head lines.

“The Lon­don project built 24 miles of tun­nels un­der Lon­don to house the high volt­age ca­ble nec­es­sary for the Grid to com­plete a con­nec­tion project, the dis­tance is very sim­i­lar to that they pro­pose to run over the is­land of An­gle­sey.”

Pam Lee of the no py­lons team said “we should all re­mem­ber the costs pur­ported by Na­tional Grid for un­der­ground­ing over the ru­ral land­scape of An­gle­sey are es­ti­mated at £1.1 bil­lion as a min­i­mum, how can it be then they can drill and con­struct over 20 miles of tun­nels un­der Lon­don for £1 bil­lion?

“The cost es­ti­mates for An­gle­sey are just not plau­si­ble.

“It just looks like there is a dou­ble stan­dard here.”

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