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1. Which Scot­tish poet wrote Po­ems Chiefly in the Scot­tish Di­alect?

A John Donne

B John Napier

C Robert Burns

D James Boswell

2. From which English game is the Amer­i­can sport of base­ball de­rived?

A Rounders

B Hockey

C Cricket

D Rugby

3. With which of the arts would you as­so­ciate Sir Al­fred Mun­nings?

A Paint­ing

B Sculp­ture

C Com­poser

D Poet

4. The theme from Ghost­busters II was a UK top 5 hit for which singer?

A Ray Parker Jr.

B Whit­ney Hous­ton

C Bobby Brown

D MC Ham­mer

5. What is Buffy a recog­nised killer of?

A Vam­pires

B Cockroache­s

C Rats

D Dogs

6. What is the ti­tle of a 2018 sin­gle from US singer Ari­ana Grande?

A No More Fish in the Sea

B No More Hills Left to Climb

C No Tears Left to Cry

D No Smiles Now You’ve Gone

7. What is the com­mon name for deu­terium ox­ide?

A Salt

B Gun­pow­der

C Heavy wa­ter

D Acid

8. Which plant’s leaves are the tra­di­tional an­ti­dote to net­tle stings?

A Rhubarb

B Black­cur­rant

C Dock

D Rose

9. Of which boat was Mark Litch­field skip­per when it sank in 1995?

A The Mary Rose

B The Queen El­iz­a­beth II

C The Maria Asumpta

D The Maria Ce­leste 10. Who suc­ceeded Oliver Cromwell as Lord Pro­tec­tor of the Com­mon­wealth?

A Ge­orge Cromwell

B James Cromwell

C John Cromwell

D Richard Cromwell

11. In which coun­try can the Gib­son Desert be found?

A Rus­sia

B Ethiopia

C Aus­tralia

D South Africa

12. What was the ti­tle of the last sit­com made by Richard Beck­in­sale in 1979 the same year that he died?

A The Liver Birds

B One Foot in the Grave C Bloomers

D Open All Hours

13. For which British con­tralto singer did El­gar write his Sea Pic­tures?

A Dame Edna Booth

B Dame Mary Stephen­son C Dame Ger­mane Greene D Dame Clara Butt

14. Who was the first pres­i­dent of the US to die in of­fice?

A William H Harrison

B Abra­ham Lin­coln

C James Madi­son

D War­ren G. Hard­ing

15. Which fan­tasy drama show, star­ring English ac­tor Ricky Whit­tle as Shadow Moon, is now in its sec­ond sea­son?

A Amer­i­can Gods

B Lu­cifer

C In­trud­ers

D The Last King­dom

Ac­tor Ricky Whit­tle See Ques­tion 15

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