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SHE Re­mem­bered Cater­pil­lars is a wil­fully enig­matic puzzle game, that paints an odd mythol­ogy over a colour­ful world of writhing bridges and or­ganic brain-teasers.

The real draw for po­ten­tial fans will be the vis­ual flair that lends a liv­ing qual­ity to each level, from the dif­fer­ently hued cater­pil­lars that span gaps in the level and only al­low crea­tures (or ‘gam­mies’) of cor­re­spond­ing colours to cross over, to the won­der­fully de­tailed back­drops that add depth and mys­tery to the over­all at­mos­phere.

The task is sim­ple enough – move each gam­mie to a lily pad-like exit – but the com­pound­ing chal­lenges (for ex­am­ple, only green gam­mies can cross blue and yel­low bridges) ac­cu­mu­late over time to form in­tri­cate, yet wholly calm­ing, bouts of dy­namic puz­zling.

The last word: A bril­liant and fully formed puzzle clas­sic

Price: £8.99

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