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BRIL­LIANTLY bawdy and bois­ter­ous bat­tle of the rouged sexes. Queen Anne (an Os­car­win­ning Olivia Col­man) is re­moved from the machi­na­tions of gov­ern­ment, al­low­ing her se­cret lover Sarah Churchill (Rachel Weisz) to ef­fec­tively con­trol 18th cen­tury Bri­tain. While Sarah has the monarch’s ear, Robert Har­ley (Ni­cholas Hoult) chal­lenges her au­thor­ity from West­min­ster. Sarah’s lowly cousin Abi­gail Hill (Emma Stone) ar­rives at court. To bet­ter her po­si­tion, Abi­gail charms and be­guiles Anne.

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A SHOW­DOWN against the De­cep­ti­cons on Cy­bertron forces Op­ti­mus Prime (voiced by Peter Cullen) to sound the Au­to­bot re­treat. He dis­patches B-127 (Dy­lan O’Brien) to Earth where the robot es­capes armed forces com­manded by Jack Burns (John Cena). Dur­ing a fight, B-127 loses his vo­cal pro­ces­sor unit and his core memory is dam­aged. He turns into a yel­low VW Bee­tle be­fore shut­ting down. Teen Char­lie Wat­son (Hailee Ste­in­feld) sal­vages the car and dis­cov­ers the Bee­tle is a shape-shift­ing robot.

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HEART-WARM­ING yarn of self-re­dis­cov­ery. Mark Ho­gan­camp (Steve Carell) is as­saulted by five thugs, caus­ing a brain trauma. Wounds heal but Mark’s con­fi­dence and long-term rec­ol­lec­tion re­main shat­tered. In or­der to re­build his life, Mark con­structs a minia­ture Se­cond World War vil­lage called Marwen in his back­yard, pop­u­lated with dolls that look like friends, in­clud­ing new neigh­bour Ni­col (Leslie Mann). He re-en­acts episodes from the past in Marwen so he can face his at­tack­ers in court.

Down­load/stream from to­mor­row and avail­able from May 13 on DVD/Blu-ray.

Olivia Col­man as Queen Anne

Hailee Ste­in­feld as Char­lie

Steve Carell and Leslie Mann ■

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