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1. What sort of crea­ture is a ful­mar?

A A bird B A ro­dent C A fish D A dog

2. Richard Drey­fuss re­ceived a Best Ac­tor Os­car nom­i­na­tion for his role in which 1995 film, di­rected by Stephen Herek?

A Silent Fall

B Mr Hol­land’s Opus C What About Bob? D Holy Man

3. What was the name of the last rul­ing dy­nasty of Rus­sia?

A Markovs B Ro­manovs C Molo­tovs D Stal­ins

4. Which fa­mous Scot­tish king was son of Find­laech?

A Malcolm (Can­more) B Mac­beth

C Dun­can I

D Don­ald Ban

5. With which in­stru­ment is Heinz Hol­liger as­so­ci­ated?

A Pi­ano B Oboe C French horn D Trum­pet

6. Which Ir­ish-born com­poser cre­ated the pi­ano noc­turne?

A James Field B John Dyke C John Field D James Dyke

7. Which girl band made the al­bum Be­fore The Rain?

A Eter­nal

B The Spice Girls C The All Saints D TLC

8. Who wrote the plays An Ideal Hus­band and Lady Win­der­mere’s Fan?

A Os­car Wilde

B DH Lawrence

C Tom Stop­pard D Ge­orge Bernard Shaw

9. Who suc­ceeded Ce­cil Parkin­son in 1983 as Con­ser­va­tive party chair­man?

A Nor­man La­mont B John Sel­wyn Gum­mer C Dou­glas Hurd

D Gil­lian Shep­hard

10. What is a sud­den change called in drama?

A Pe­riphra­sis B Peripeteia C Phoneme D Pleonasm

11. Which co­me­dian plays a Dublin ma­tri­arch called Agnes in sit­com Mrs Brown’s Boys?

A Dy­lan Mo­ran B Bren­dan O’Car­roll C Dara Ó Bri­ain D Ardal O’Hanlon

12. With which in­stru­ment is Sir Ye­hudi Menuhin as­so­ci­ated?

A Vi­olin B Pi­ano C Cello D Trum­pet

13. Which leg­endary Span­ish lib­er­tine in­spired works by Moliere, Mozart, By­ron and Ge­orge Bernard Shaw?

A Don Juan B Zorro

C Don Quixote D El De­s­po­rado

14. Which paramed­i­cal spe­cial­ity deals with the care of the feet?

A Phys­io­pher­apy B Car­di­ol­ogy C Chi­ropody D Piedopody

15. What is the ti­tle of the BBC crime drama that fol­lows the in­ves­ti­ga­tions of po­lice unit AC-12 and stars This is Eng­land ac­tress Vicky McClure?

A Whitechape­l B Happy Val­ley C Line of Duty D Luther

Ac­tor Vicky McClure See Ques­tion 15

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