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1. Which re­lief agency was founded by the Geneva Con­ven­tion of 1864?

A In­ter­na­tional Red Cross B United Na­tions

C Green Peace

D Medicins Sans Fron­tieres

2. What is the car­ti­lage flap called that pre­vents food from en­ter­ing the wind­pipe dur­ing swal­low­ing? A Ton­sils

B Oe­soph­a­gus

C Aorta

D Epiglot­tis

3. Who had a top ten hit sin­gle in 1969 with Hello Suzie?

A Amen Girls

B Amen Boys

C Amen Choir

D Amen Cor­ner

4. Which fish can be alevins, parr, smolts and grilse at var­i­ous stages in their life cy­cle?

A Trout

B Salmon

C Whale

D Dol­phin

5. Which drink is named af­ter the Ger­man for ‘to store’?

A Hock

B Lager

C Beer

D Pil­sner

6. What part of the body is af­fected by lum­bago?

A The back

B The throat

C The eyes

D The legs Ac­tor Holly Hunter See Ques­tion 15

7. Which mar­ket town in Suf­folk is the cen­tre of Bri­tish horse rac­ing? A Ep­som

B As­cot

C Ain­tree

D New­mar­ket

8. What is the ti­tle of the Sky At­lantic com­edy drama star­ring Chris O’Dowd as thug and wannabe film pro­ducer Miles Daly?

A Pulp Fic­tion

B Get Shorty

C Rum Punch

D Bar­ton Fink

9. Which Bri­tish ad­ven­ture nov­el­ist wrote King Solomon’s Mines and She?

A Robert Ea­gle Watt

B Robert Louis Steven­son C Jules Verne

D Sir H. Rider Hag­gard 10. What name is given to an area of a city pop­u­lated by a mi­nor­ity group?

A Project

B Hood

C Ghetto

D Quar­ter

11. Who wrote The Ten­ant of Wild­fell Hall and Agnes Grey? A Char­lotte Brontë

B Emily Brontë

C Jane Austen

D Anne Brontë

12. Which French postim­pres­sion­ist painted The Card Play­ers?

A De­gas

B Monet

C Renoir

D Cézanne

13. By how many does the pre­fix giga- mul­ti­ply a num­ber?

A One thou­sand

B One bil­lion

C One mil­lion

D 20 thou­sand mil­lion

14. What is the na­tional cur­rency of El Salvador?

A Peso

B Schilling

C Franc

D US dol­lar

15. Which 1987 com­edy ro­mance about two ri­val re­porters and their fe­male pro­ducer starred Wil­liam Hurt, Al­bert Brooks and Holly Hunter?

A Broad­cast News

B Switch­ing Chan­nels

C Net­work

D News Ra­dio

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