‘Cops are act­ing like I’m a se­rial killer’

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THE new trailer for the Watch­men TV se­ries has given fans a first look at scenes filmed at Pen­rhyn Cas­tle.

The up­com­ing se­ries, based on the 1980s comic book of the same name, is set in an al­ter­na­tive dystopian re­al­ity and fol­lows a crew of vig­i­lantes, su­per­heroes and anti-he­roes as they try to save the world.

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AMAN be­ing hunted by cops has hit out at North Wales Po­lice, claim­ing the force is “act­ing like he is a se­rial killer”.

Brian Ge­orge Owens, 28, from Holy­head, claimed po­lice had been af­ter him for up to a year. When of­fi­cers posted that there were look­ing for him over the theft of some keys, he taunted them on their own Face­book page, telling them they would “have to shoot him”.

Last Fri­day, he con­tacted our sis­ter pa­per, the Daily Post from an un­known lo­ca­tion, and protested his in­no­cence.

Owens said: “I don’t know what they are on about. All I know was that I was wanted for breach of pro­ba­tion for rob­bing a mo­bile phone and I breached the pro­ba­tion af­ter my mum died and my grand­dad died. They are act­ing like I am a se­rial killer.”

Owens claimed he had not been ac­tively hunted un­til last week. But po­lice have said they have been try­ing to lo­cate him

Post re­vealed back in Septem­ber that the Na­tional Trust-run cas­tle near Bangor was to fea­ture in the highly an­tic­i­pated HBO se­ries, which stars re­cent Acad­emy Award win­ner Regina King.

Film­ing for the lat­est comic adap­tion was be­lieved to have taken place un­der the co­de­name “Project Brook­lyn,” and fol­lows on from the crit­i­cally for around three months, and re­newed their ap­peal to him to turn him­self in.

Owens claims in the po­lice’s es­ca­la­tion of ef­forts to find him, his fam­ily had been feel­ing the pres­sure. He said: “They’ve had their houses searched and my sis­ter had her car stopped twice. I wanted to ex­plain my­self be­cause keys are not my thing and I don’t know what they (po­lice) are on about. They are mak­ing out ac­claimed 2009 film ver­sion di­rected by Zack Sny­der.

The newly re­leased clip opens with a char­ac­ter wear­ing a mask sim­i­lar to that worn by Rorschach, from the orig­i­nal comic se­ries.

The in­di­vid­ual, who doesn’t ap­pear to be Rorschach him­self but rather an im­i­ta­tor, says: “We are no one. We are ev­ery­one. And we are in­vis­i­ble.” like I am a mon­ster.”

Owens said he did “nothing else to get into trou­ble” other than breach his pro­ba­tion.

He said: “They have been af­ter me for years. I am try­ing to keep my head down now but I breached pro­ba­tion be­cause I lost my mum and grand­dad and didn’t want to go and sit in a room. I wanted to go back to court and change the terms but they wouldn’t do that for me.”

He added: “I needed help A larger group of men, all don­ning the same iconic mask, is then re­vealed to view­ers.

The scene, based in a re­li­gious set­ting, is ac­com­pa­nied by the tick­ing of a clock, which echoes through the trailer.

The mon­tage in­cludes scenes of a mas­sacre at an amuse­ment park as well as shots of Pen­rhyn Cas­tle in all but they have not helped me.”

Owens said he was not pre­pared to will­ingly hand him­self in un­til po­lice ex­plained the rea­sons he was wanted.

He said: “I would go and see them but I want to put this in the pa­per first and then find out why I am wanted.

“It is un­fair to be hon­est.” Ear­lier last week, po­lice pub­lished a post stat­ing that Owens was wanted, and asked that any­body with in­for­ma­tion its glory with a stun­ning ex­te­rior shot. There’s also a clip of Jeremy Irons’ char­ac­ter, Adrian Veidt (Ozy­man­dias), med­i­tat­ing in what ap­pears to be the for­ti­fied manor­house.

Watch­men ap­pears set to fill the void for Game of Thrones view­ers now that the HBO se­ries is fin­ished, and is ex­pected to be avail­able on Sky in the UK. should con­tact the force.

Owens wrote in re­sponse: “Armed po­lice are look­ing for me for breach of pro­ba­tion and theft of keys... you have to shoot me haha.”

On an­other post on the Anglesey polic­ing team’s Face­book page, he wrote: “To all u that are shar­ing this all am (sic) wanted for is breach of pro­ba­tion there (sic) ac­cus­ing me of theft of keys don’t know what keys as keys are not my thing

they keep putting my face up on here (to) hu­mil­i­ate me same as last time when I went to Ireland that was a war­rant from court.”

Owens pre­vi­ously skipped court and fled to Ireland when he was due to be sen­tenced for as­sault­ing his for­mer part­ner. He re­turned days later and sur­ren­dered to of­fi­cers.

He was jailed for 38 weeks in Au­gust 2017.

Dis­trict In­spec­tor Lli­nos Davies, from North Wales Po­lice, said: “We can con­firm that Brian Owens is wanted by North Wales Po­lice.

“A number of ad­dress checks have been con­ducted dur­ing the last three months to lo­cate Brian Owens for ar­rest, but to date he has not been lo­cated.

“I would urge Brian to present him­self at a po­lice sta­tion to pre­vent any fur­ther dis­rup­tion to him­self and his fam­ily through con­tin­ued po­lice en­quiries to lo­cate him.”

Po­lice said any­one with in­for­ma­tion on Owens’ where­abouts should dial 101, quot­ing ref­er­ence 1910007930­7.

● Left and far left: Scenes from the new Watch­men TV se­ries filmed at Pen­rhyn Cas­tle (main)

■ Brian Ge­orge Owens is wanted for theft of keys

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