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1. Who was shot by Nathu­ram Godse on Jan­uary 30th, 1948?

A Ma­hatma Gandhi B Ali Khamenei C Deng Xiaop­ing D Umaru Dikko

2. Who wrote Tess of the D’Ur­bervilles and The Re­turn of the Na­tive?

A D.H. Lawrence B Thomas Hardy

C Lau­rie Lee

D Sir Arthur Co­nan Doyle

3. Who was deputy leader of the Labour Party from 1980 to 1983?

A Tony Blair B John Prescott C De­nis Healey D Neil Kin­nock

4. Which study of think­ing, knowl­edge and truth lit­er­ally means “love of wis­dom” in Greek?

A As­tron­omy B Philosophy C Po­etry D Psy­chol­ogy

5. What is in­flamed if one is suf­fer­ing from phlebitis?

A A vein

B The lungs C The ton­sils D The kidneys

6. Which 2018 film se­quel saw Denzel Wash­ing­ton reprise his role as re­tired CIA Black Ops agent Robert Mc­Call?

A The Ter­mi­na­tor 2 B The Lev­eller 2 C The Equal­izer 2 D The Agency 2 Singer Carly Rae Jepsen See Ques­tion 15

7. Which English-born poet wrote the li­bretto for Stravin­sky’s opera The Rake’s Progress?

A W.H. Au­den B Ted Hughes C W.B. Yeats D T.S. Eliot

8. Which in­dus­trial port on the Tyne es­tu­ary is as­so­ci­ated with the in­ven­tion of the lifeboat?

A Hartle­pool B Tynemouth C South Shields D Sun­der­land

9. What is the un­rhymed iambic pen­tame­ter style used by Mil­ton in Par­adise Lost and Wordsworth in The Pre­lude called?

A Blank verse B Met­ric verse C Rhyming cou­plets D Terza rima

10. To which fam­ily of birds does the bit­tern be­long?

A Ea­gle B Owl C Pi­geon D Heron

11. What is the cap­i­tal of Qatar?

A Dukhan B Al Wakrah C Lu­sail D Doha

12. For­mer hus­band and wife Tom Cruise and Ni­cole Kid­man first worked to­gether on which film?

A Top Gun

B Eyes Wide Shut C Far and Away D Days of Thun­der

13. Which prison for­merly stood on the present site of the Old Bai­ley?

A New­gate B White­moor C Wandsworth Scrubs D Strange­ways

14. What is the math­e­mat­i­cal term for a two-di­men­sional closed curve hav­ing the shape of an elon­gated cir­cle?

A Oval B El­lipse C Prism D Trapez­ium

15. What is the ti­tle of Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen’s 2012 hit which spent four weeks at the top of the UK Sin­gles Chart?

A Star­ships

B I Re­ally Like You C Wild Ones D Call Me Maybe

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