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THE re­cent news story about the head-on mo­tor­cy­cle ac­ci­dent in­volv­ing a young Bri­tish man, Harry Dunn, is out­ra­geous. Such things, of course, hap­pen from time to time.

How­ever, what makes this case truly shock­ing is the way in which Anne Sa­coolas, the prime sus­pect, was able to claim diplo­matic im­mu­nity and flee the UK be­cause her hus­band, Jonathan, is a US diplo­mat. It’s to be hoped the US ad­min­is­tra­tion will waive diplo­matic im­mu­nity and re­turn Anne to the UK for ques­tion­ing, but I’m not hope­ful. Thirty-five years ago I was young and forth­right. To­day, I’m still forth­right, but now have a bus pass. Back then, I once con­fronted a very respectabl­e-look­ing lady emerg­ing from a cin­ema and told her that un­less she ac­cepted Je­sus’ of­fer of sal­va­tion, she would face eter­nity with­out God. Un­der­stand­ably an­noyed, she in­sisted that she hadn’t com­mit­ted any sins. Yet, the Bi­ble says oth­er­wise. I strongly doubt you’ve ever killed any­one in a mo­tor­cy­cle ac­ci­dent. And yet the small­est im­pure thought, most triv­ial act of school­boy pil­fer­ing or half-truth on your tax re­turn form causes a per­fectly holy God to hide His face from you.

Far more shock­ing than the cir­cum­stances of this hit-and-run case is the stark re­al­ity that this allpow­er­ful Saviour left His eter­nal throne, stooped down into hu­man his­tory as a tiny baby and chose to die an un­speak­ably hor­ri­ble death on a cross for our sal­va­tion. Most shock­ing of all is that He longs to of­fer ‘diplo­matic im­mu­nity’ to you. Re­gard­less of how you’ve lived your life, He prom­ises that all who ac­cept Him as Lord and Saviour will have the slate wiped clean. Amaz­ing grace.

Dave Jewell

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