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MOST of Wales has been riv­eted to tele­vi­sion screens over re­cent weeks, watch­ing with bated breath as teams from around the world bat­tle it out on the rugby field.

I am amazed at the fit­ness lev­els of some of these huge chaps, who thun­der into one another, even briefly get­ting knocked un­con­scious – and who get back up on their feet, ig­nore the wait­ing buggy, and walk off the field to un­dergo a head-in­jury test.

“All for what?” you might ask. You may well have a point – it is, af­ter all, only a game.

But in the first round of matches the drive to go for more, and to keep press­ing on, to keep “try­ing” was be­cause of the “bonus point” that would be awarded if they scored four tries in a match. Or, if the los­ing mar­gin was 7 points or fewer. Press­ing on! Push­ing for­ward, try­ing harder – all for a bonus point, which of course could make all the dif­fer­ence at the end of the pool games as to whether the team reaches the knock-out stages.

We are en­cour­aged in the scrip­tures to “con­sider how we may spur one another on to­wards love and good deeds.” (He­brews 10: 24)

Some­times it’s the sim­ple smile, a friendly “good morn­ing”, a sym­pa­thetic tone be­ing ready to lis­ten, tak­ing time to talk – mak­ing a dif­fer­ence to some­one’s day. Some­times going the ex­tra mile, ful­fill­ing a time-con­sum­ing task, even un­der­tak­ing some labour of love that will be costly.

In God’s eyes there’s no “bonus point” for try­ing – sal­va­tion comes by faith alone in Je­sus – but we are called to spur one another on!

David Hatch

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