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1. In what year did Jesse Owens win four gold medals?

A 1930 B 1934 C 1939 D 1936

2. Which book of the Old Tes­ta­ment is also known as the Psalter?

A Gen­e­sis B Psalms C Ex­o­dus D Job

3. Which royal res­i­dence con­tains St Ge­orge’s Chapel and the Al­bert Me­mo­rial Chapel?

A Buck­ing­ham Palace B Hamp­ton Court C Wind­sor Cas­tle D Bal­moral

4. With which city is the Raf­fles Ho­tel associated?

A Hong Kong B Pek­ing C Sin­ga­pore

D Ho Chi Minh City

5. Which horse won the 1996 1000 Guineas at New­mar­ket?

A Party Pol­i­tics B Hallo Dandy C Bosra Sham D Last Sus­pect

6. Which unit of power is ab­bre­vi­ated to hp?

A Hy­draulic Pres­sure B Horse­power C Height Power D Hy­dropower

7. Which Cis­ter­cian abbey in North York­shire was closed in 1539 dur­ing the Dis­so­lu­tion of the Monas­ter­ies?

A Foun­tains Abbey B York Abbey C Spring Abbey D Wells Abbey

8. Which com­edy film stars Olivia Col­man in an Oscar-win­ning por­trayal of 18th-cen­tury monarch Queen Anne?

A The Pet B The Favourite C The Duchess D The Maid

9. Which Amer­i­can econ­o­mist and diplo­mat wrote The Af­flu­ent So­ci­ety?

A May­nard Keynes B Richard Randall C Robert James-Thomas D John Ken­neth Gal­braith

10. What is the name of the sta­tion in the 1970 film The Rail­way Children?

A Ashfield B Oak­worth C Yewtree D Elmholm

11. How is the fruit of the gourd Cu­cur­bita pepo, which is associated with Hal­lowe’en, bet­ter known?

A Melon B Pump­kin C Or­ange D Ap­ple

12. Who com­posed the light opera The Tales of Hoffmann?

A Schoen­berg B Mozart C Pachel­bel D Of­fen­bach

13. Which two coun­tries signed the Anti-Com­intern pact in 1936?

A Rus­sia and the USA B Ger­many and Ja­pan C Great Bri­tain and the USA D France and Bri­tain

14. Which al­ler­gic condition is also called net­tle rash and hives?

A Cir­rho­sis B Im­petigo C Ichthyosis D Ur­ticaria

15. Which Net­flix series, set in San Fran­cisco, stars Laura Lin­ney as Mary Ann Sin­gle­ton, a char­ac­ter she first played in the early ‘90s?

A Tales of the City B Twin Peaks C Daw­son’s Creek D Mel­rose Place

Laura Lin­ney See Ques­tion 15

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