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1. Who re­turned to the BBC in 1998 with a new se­ries of talk shows af­ter a 15-year ab­sence?

A Clive An­der­son B Des O’Connor C Michael Parkin­son D Jeremy Clark­son

2. Which is the bright­est of the plan­ets?

A Mer­cury B Jupiter C Venus D Mars

3. Who wrote the opera Sir John in Love in 1929?

A Sir Ed­ward El­gar

B Sir Har­ri­son Birtwistle C Arnold Schoen­berg D Ralph Vaughan Williams

4. The ru­pee is the na­tional cur­rency of which coun­try?

A Chile B Tur­key C Nor­way D In­dia

5. Be­fore Andy Murray, who was the last Bri­tish ten­nis player to win the men’s sin­gles ti­tle at Wim­ble­don?

A Tim Hen­man B John Lloyd C Jeremy Bates D Fred Perry

6. Which singer duet­ted with James Arthur on a cover of the song Re­write the Stars from the film The Great­est Show­man?

A Anne-Marie B Adele C Missy El­liott D Ke­sha

7. Who pre­sented The Real Hol­i­day Show on TV?

A Anthea Turner B Carol Vor­der­man C Sa­man­tha Fox D Gaby Roslin

8. What was the artis­tic pro­fes­sion of Wil­helm Furt­wan­gler who died in 1954?

A Con­cert pi­anist B Con­duc­tor C Painter D Opera singer

9. What is the na­tional cur­rency of Nige­ria?

A Quet­zal B Franc C Naira D Dol­lar

10. What sort of crea­ture is a rorqual?

A A pen­guin B A whale C A bear

D A scor­pian

11. Which Greek philoso­pher and math­e­ma­ti­cian is as­so­ci­ated with a fa­mous the­o­rem con­cern­ing right-an­gled tri­an­gles?

A Pi­si­s­tra­tus B Euripi­des C Phei­dias D Pythago­ras

12. Who was the 15th pres­i­dent of the United States of Amer­ica who was suc­ceeded by Abra­ham Lin­coln?

A James Buchanan B An­drew John­son C Ulysses S. Grant D James K. Polk

13. Which Aus­tralian city is cap­i­tal of the North­ern Ter­ri­tory?

A Perth B Sydney C Dar­win D Melbourne

14. What is the stretch of mainly hexag­o­nal basalt col­umns on the north coast of Antrim called?

A The Gi­ant’s Chess­board B Gi­ant’s Step­ping Stones C The Gi­ant’s Stride D Gi­ant’s Cause­way

15. Who is the di­rec­tor of the new war film Mid­way, whose stars in­clude Nick Jonas and Den­nis Quaid?

A David Ayer B Roland Em­merich C Clint East­wood D Christo­pher Nolan

Ac­tor Den­nis Quaid See Ques­tion 15

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