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Wanted man in Facebook row with police:

He accuses force of harassing his family... but police say he can ‘resolve it quickly’ by going to a station


AMAN wanted on recall to prison has claimed in online posts that his family are being “harassed” by the police.

North Wales Police are hunting for Brian Owens, from Holyhead, after the probation service issued a recall to prison request.

Back in June, Owens was jailed for 10 months after refusing to come off a roof for two hours and throwing slates at police.

In a post on Facebook, the force said: “Partners at probation service has issued a ‘Recall to Prison’ for Brian Owens from Holyhead.

“This has a police power of arrest.

“Please contact North Wales Police via 101 or webchat regarding any informatio­n.”

But in a response purporting to be from the wanted man, he said that he had missed a probation service appointmen­t due to “bad toothache” and that officers were now harassing family members.

In three separate posts, he said: “Why you recalling me Coz(sic) I missed one appointmen­t Coz I was suffering bad with tooth ache.

“You set me up to fail. “This is harassment now busting my brothers flat door in.. All over probation.”

He added: “I known(sic) its my fault missing it but I gave them an explanatio­n and they still go through my brothers so it looks like they are harassing me.”

In response to the messages, North Wales Police said the matter could be resolved “quickly”.

They said: “Afternoon Brian, that will have to be explained to probation service in due course.

“We, as the police have no authority to cancel the request.

“Please attend your nearest police station or contact 101 with your address.

“We can then stop attending your family and friends addresses to check as the request is active on our systems.

“You can resolve the matter quickly.”

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