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‘We’re not holding back – things will move forward’


Bernie de Le Cuona, founder of luxury textiles business de Le Cuona, has taken advice to make sure she’s ready for the end of the transition period.

“We have to be on our toes and, while daunting, it’s quite exciting,” she says. All de Le Cuona’s products are made in Europe, so Bernie was keen to make sure the transition goes smoothly for the company.

“I got the support of some of our suppliers, who pointed me in the right direction,” she says. “So we’ve done an awful lot of looking into this to understand what our options are.

“We’re not holding back at all, and we feel quite strongly that things will move forward, regardless.”

Make sure you’re ready to trade with the EU from January 1, 2021. For more informatio­n, go to customs-on-your-behalf.

If you decide to do declaratio­ns yourself, go to­oms-declaratio­n.

 ??  ?? EXCITED Bernie feels the changes could prove positive
EXCITED Bernie feels the changes could prove positive

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