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Are you paying your children enough pocket money for doing their chores?


YOU might think you give your kids enough pocket money – but they probably disagree.

New research suggests many of our children think they should be paid double the amount they currently receive, which is an average of around £6.48 a week, usually as payment for household chores.

Meanwhile, a third of parents don’t ask their kids to do any jobs for pocket money.

The survey of children aged between six and 16 – and their parents – by financial comparison experts, found that while two-thirds of kids receive pocket money for completing household tasks like washing up and putting away the groceries, most believe they’re underpaid.

Nearly a third (31%) think they’re paid less than average and deserve at least a 100% rise. Yet the research found 42% of parents believe they pay their kids the average amount of pocket money.

Although it’s not a chore, being well-behaved was listed by parents as one of the most common things children get pocket money for.

Here’s what the research found children currently get paid for household chores – and what kids think they ought to get…



CHILDREN get £1.12, but they think they should be paid £2.39 for doing the dishes. Yet says the average cost of hiring a cleaner per hour in the UK is £12 – and if a cleaner took 15 minutes to do the dishes, they’d get paid around £4, so £1.12 is cheap at around 25% of the going rate.


PUTTING AWAY GROCERIES CHILDREN receive 90p, but think they should be paid £2.07.



KIDS earn £2.51 per car wash, and think they should be paid £4.12.

However as it costs around £6 to get it done profession­ally, children may be asking a little too much for their car washing skills. 4 TIDYING BEDROOMS CHILDREN are given around £1.19, but they want £2.59. 5 VACUUMING

CHILDREN get £1.42, but would like to be paid £2.30. 6 DUSTING

CHILDREN receive just £1.07, but think they should get £2.80. 7 WALKING THE DOG

CHILDREN are given an average of £1.08, and they want £2.31.


CHILDREN get £1.28, but think they deserve £2.77. 9


CHILDREN receive £2.08, they want £3.59.


MOWING THE LAWN CHILDREN are given £2.19, but they would like £3.79.

 ??  ?? Most children believe that they are underpaid when it comes to pocket money
Most children believe that they are underpaid when it comes to pocket money
 ??  ?? The going rate is £1.19 for tidying a bedroom
The going rate is £1.19 for tidying a bedroom

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