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General Knowledge Quiz


1. What is a Howgate Wonder? A A butterfly

B An apple

C A bird

D A frog

2. Stephen King’s debut novel Carrie was made into a horror film by which director?

A Brian De Palma

B Martin Scorsese

C Francis Ford Coppola

D George Lucas

3. In which book by Dickens does Nathaniel Winkle appear?

A Bleak House

B Great Expectatio­ns

C A Tale of Two Cities

D The Pickwick Papers

4. Who wrote the play A Doll’s House in 1879? A Thomas Hardy B George Bernard Shaw C Henrik Ibsen

D George Meredith

5. Which element has the chemical symbol Mo?

A Magnesium B Molybdenum C Moscovium

D Mercury

6. Molly Windsor and Laura Fraser starred in which forensic science drama on the Alibi channel, cocreated by Val McDermid and Amelia Bullmore?

A Traces

B Fingerprin­ts

C Forensics

D Evidence

7. In which popular US sport do the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls play?

A American Football

B Baseball

C Basketball

D Ice Hockey

8. Lindsay Lohan and Matt Dillon struggled to keep up with which car in a 2005 Disney film?

A Herbie


C Chitty Chitty Bang Bang D Filmore

9. Which Italian astronomer is said to have muttered “Eppur si muove” after recanting his belief in the Copernican system?

A Herschel

B Galileo

C Ptolemy

D Hubble 10. What was the seventh month of the Old Roman calendar?

A September

B July

C August

D November

11. Which comedian’s real name is Joseph Levitch?

A Mel Brooks

B Kelsey Grammer

C Steven Wright

D Jerry Lewis

12. Which Greek poet is famous for the poems she wrote for a group of female admirers on the island of Lesbos?

A Sappho

B Pomona

C Aphrodite

D Artemis

13. What sort of creature is a mouflon?

A A sheep

B A bird

C A lizard

D A butterfly

14. By what name is the Australian echidna also known?

A Koala

B Kangaroo

C Spiny anteater

D Bullfrog

15. What is the title of the recent debut album from television presenter Amanda Holden?

A Window to My Soul

B Songs from My Heart

C Tracks of My Tears

D Music with My Love

 ??  ?? Amanda Holden See Question 15
Amanda Holden See Question 15

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