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Golden eye

KATIE WRIGHT asks the experts how to master this season’s hot metallic make-up look


ONE of the most beautiful – and wearable – make-up trends from the autumn/ winter shows, golden eyeshadows adorned models’ lids at Tom Ford and Gabriela Hearst, providing a subtle shimmer that’s perfect for the festive season.

“Golden eyes suit all skin tones and exude glamour, so it’s a great go-to trend if you’re looking to elevate your look,” says celebrity make-up artist Hannah Martin.

“This look is so effective, because it’s warm, flattering and easy to recreate,” says Shelley Greenham, make-up artist and co-founder of Mishel Makeup. “I especially love glittery golds, because they work so beautifull­y with every eye colour.”

Here, Hannah and Shelley explain how to get the look...


“FOR the ultimate festive look, make sure your lids are free of any oil that could make your shadow crease,” says Hannah.

“Simply wiping with your finger should do, but if your lids secrete a lot of oil, try priming your lids with a primer. It will hold your shadow in place all day and allow the true pigments to gleam through.”


THE key to a multi-dimensiona­l golden eye is to layer your shadows.

“Start with your palest colour first,” Hannah says. “A soft gold can be applied all over the eye area. If you are using a mixture of creams and powders, the creams need to be applied first.”


ONCE your base is well blended, choose a more glittering gold for the next step. “Intensify the colour by layering a metallic powder shadow on top,” Hannah says. “I find pressing with my ring finger really helps the shadow to set into the base and hold fast, with a bit more impact than the effect you get sweeping a brush.”

Shelley recommends mixing metallic shades: “If you fancy a little more definition, add a bronze or a red gold. Pop this colour in the outer socket and under the eye.”


“GOLDEN eyes need framing but not necessaril­y with eyeliner,” Hannah says, so there’s no need for liquid liner on your lids, but she does recommend using waterproof black kohl on the lower waterline.

“Fill in and gently shape your brows using a soft balm,” Shelley says. “Finish off with a volumising mascara in black, and there you have your beautiful gold shimmery eyes.”

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