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ENJOY a slice of the action with a new book celebratin­g all things pizza.

PIZZA (RRP £20 from Amazon) comes from Pizza Pilgrims chain co-founders Thom and James Elliot and brings together everything they have discovered on their 10-year pilgrimage to find the perfect slice.

The book includes interviews, pizza world records and even pizza tattoos alongside 30 recipes. It also looks at everything from the partiality of Sweden to curried banana pizza-topping to who invented the Margherita. James and Thom’s own creativity has seen them push pizza boundaries with unexpected toppings, from Nutella to Heinz Baked Beans.

They say: “The fact is that pizza is special. There is something about the combinatio­n of dough, cheese and tomatoes – plus the fact that pizza is round, eaten with your hands and therefore made for sharing – that makes humans and their bellies gravitate towards it.

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