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Plant out young plants of courgettes, pumpkins and squashes. If you didn’t grow these from seed, there are plenty at garden centres.

Thin out carrot seedlings – remember to completely remove the thinnings, as if left about, their scent will attract carrot fly. You can cover with horticultu­ral mesh to keep carrot fly away.

Collect seed from candelabra primulas, and sow fresh. Pop a few nasturtium seeds in pots for a latesummer vibrant display.

Start feeding tomatoes in grow bags with high potash feed to encourage flowers and fruit formation.

Tie in climbing and rambling roses – the more you train them horizontal­ly, the more this will encourage side shoots to develop and produce more flowers. Spray roses to protect against diseases.

Plan for next spring – now’s the time to start sowing seeds of Bellis perennis, polyanthus, pansies and wallflower­s so that they will be in flower (when very little else is) for brightenin­g up the garden in late winter/early spring.

 ??  ?? Plant out courgette and other seedlings
Plant out courgette and other seedlings

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