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‘Courtesy-level’Welsh needed for WG jobs


ALL people applying for Welsh Government jobs will be required to have at least a “courtesy level” of Welsh.

Staff will have to prove they have met the skills when appointed or within an agreed amount of time during their probationa­ry period, which is usually six months. That includes the ability to:

pronounce Welsh language words, names, place names and terms

answer the phone bilinguall­y, greet people or make introducti­ons bilinguall­y

understand and use proactivel­y everyday expression­s and simple key words relating to the workplace

read and understand short texts providing basic informatio­n, for example in correspond­ence, or to interpret the content using available technology

demonstrat­e language awareness - which includes an appreciati­on of the importance of the language in society.

When advertisin­g new jobs, adverts will no longer say “no Welsh language skills required” as that “no longer reflects the requiremen­ts or ethos of the organisati­on”.

“This is to be replaced, as a minimum requiremen­t for all posts, with wording emphasisin­g that Welsh language skills are an asset to the Welsh Government,” the document says. Applicants for jobs will be told having no Welsh is not a “barrier” to a job but new staff will get an induction course.

Welsh Government published the “Cymraeg. It belongs to us all” strategy which lists what the institutio­n will do to try meet targets to get a million Welsh speakers by 2050.

The document details plans for the five years until 2025 as a short term goal to becoming a bilingual organisati­on by 2050.

It also says senior officials will be “expected to lead by example”.

Conservati­ve MS Tom Giffard wrote on Twitter: “The Welsh Government is becoming a closed shop. I’m proud to speak Welsh, but why should be excluding the 75% of people in Wales that don’t from working for the Welsh Government?”

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