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1. What name is given to the de­mar­ca­tion line be­tween North and South Korea agreed at the Yalta Con­fer­ence? A The 38th par­al­lel B The 2nd par­al­lel C The 100th par­al­lel D The 97th par­al­lel

2. Who picked up a Best Di­rec­tor Os­car in 1998 for his film Ti­tanic? A Ri­d­ley Scott B Steven Spiel­berg C James Cameron D An­thony Minghella

3. In which coun­try is Lake Como? A USA B Canada C Italy D Rus­sia

4. Which ac­tress was quoted for say­ing: “I was Snow White – but I drifted”? A Mar­i­lyn Mon­roe B Mae West C Si­mone Sig­noret D Glo­ria Swan­son

5. What is the na­tional cur­rency of Panama? A Peso B Ren­minbi C Kyat D Bal­boa

6. What is the ti­tle of the lat­est sin­gle from Swedish singer Zara Lars­son? A Take Me Out B Bring Me Down C Break My Heart D Ruin My Life

7. Who was the chief con­duc­tor of the Lon­don Prom­e­nade Con­certs from 1957 to 1967? A Sir Mal­colm Sar­gent B Sir Jonathan Sar­gent C Sir Fredrick Sar­gent D Sir Boris Keren­sky

8. What sort of crea­ture is an ana­conda? A A mon­key B A lizard C A bird D A snake

9. Against which team did goal­keeper Paul Robin­son score a goal? A Wat­ford B Read­ing C Arse­nal D Ever­ton

10. In which Dick­ens book would you find the char­ac­ter Job Trot­ter? A Pick­wick Papers B Oliver Twist C Bleak House D Great Ex­pec­ta­tions

11. Who in­vented ac­tion paint­ing? A Pablo Pi­casso B Sal­vador Dali C Andy Warhol D Jackson Pol­lock

12. Which Shake­speare play con­tains the line “As flies to wan­ton boys are we to the gods”? A Mac­beth B Othello C King Lear D Ham­let

13. Which rose is the main source of the fra­grant es­sen­tial oil at­tar of roses? A Da­mask rose B White Rose C Her­a­cleum Rose D Edda Rose

14. What does the Latin term sub ju­dice mean? A By halves B Un­der con­sid­er­a­tion C From the law D One out of many

15. What is the repi­ti­tion of a word at the start of con­sec­u­tive sen­tences called? A Bathos B Anaphora C El­lip­sis D Hy­per­bole

Zara Lars­son See Ques­tion 6.

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