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1. Which wiz­ard in The Lord of the Rings bred his own race from orcs and men be­fore be­ing de­feated by the Ents? A Sau­ron B Gan­dalf C Saru­man D Mor­gorth

2. In which coun­try can koalas be found in the wild? A Brazil B Mada­gas­car C Aus­tralia D Mex­ico

3. In which US state was the ma­rine pre­serve that was home to Flip­per? A Cal­i­for­nia B Ore­gon C Florida D South Carolina

4. What was the ti­tle of the al­bum re­leased by Blur in 1997? A Coun­try House B Blur C Park Life D Mod­ern Life Is Rub­bish

5. In which con­ti­nent is the Kala­hari Desert si­t­u­ated? A Asia B Europe C North Amer­ica D Africa

6. Which new film stars Kevin Hart as a former crim­i­nal who is hired to help a quad­ri­plegic man played by Bryan Cranston? A Life It­self B The Front Run­ner C Stan & Ol­lie D The Up­side

7. What was a far­thin­gale? A A hooped pet­ti­coat B An English gar­den bird C A lace sum­mer hat D A wax jacket

8. Which Ger­man bat­tle­ship sunk HMS Hood? A Bis­marck B Lusi­ta­nia C Wil­helm II D Bavaria

9. Which three-piece boy band re­leased an al­bum en­ti­tled The Jour­ney? A East 17 B Take That C Westlife D 911

10. Where did Davy Crock­ett die? A At Lit­tle Big Horn B In Alaska C On the Lusi­ta­nia D At the Alamo

11. In which coun­try are the Catskill Moun­tains found? A China B Ire­land C Scot­land D The USA

12. What is the stretch of mown grass be­tween the tee and the green on a golf course called? A Straight­way B Plain­way C Smooth­way D Fair­way

13. From which coun­try did Is­rael cap­ture the Golan Heights? A Iraq B Iran C Syria D Jordan

14. What was the ti­tle of Del Shan­non’s 1961 num­ber one hit? A Cast­away B Run­away C Walk­a­way D Crawl­away

15. What was the name of the lit­tle girl who was sucked into the tele­vi­sion set in Poltergeist? A Betsy B Karen C Carol Anne D Heather

Kevin Hart See Ques­tion 6.

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