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QI’d love a mag­no­lia in my gar­den but don’t have a lot of space. What do you rec­om­mend? Mrs A Brown

aFor a small gar­den I’d rec­om­mend Mag­no­lia stel­lata – it grows to the size of a large bush or small tree and has beau­ti­ful, white, lightly fra­grant blooms in star-like for­ma­tions on bare branches in spring. It prefers moist, welldraine­d soil and plenty of sun­shine, and ide­ally shel­ter from hard frosts which may dam­age its buds. An­other de­light­ful small one is Mag­no­lia wilsonii which has exquisite and fra­grant cup-shaped flow­ers with crim­son sta­mens.



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