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Brexit backers need to own this mess


I see that now the true disaster of Brexit has become apparent to all, Roger White has lashed out and made the jaw-dropping claim that it is all the fault of Remainers!

Of course, Mr White, it is the fault of anybody but those who recklessly voted for it without knowing what they were really voting for.

He quite rightly says that Johnson’s deal is terrible, but then seems to claim that a “no-deal” Brexit would have been better.

I am afraid that avoiding this was Johnson’s only success - it was only ever the aim of the looney-tunes of Rees-mogg and the ERG.

It was the ERG which sank Mrs May’s deal, if you remember Mr White, and obstructed any attempt to attain a reasonable settlement.

Remember Johnson’s illegal attempt to prorogue Parliament? He should instead be explaining to us why we left the Single Market, as during the referendum the leave side assured us that this was not an option. And whatever happened to that report of Russian interferen­ce in the referendum, which still remains buried?

As for his call for reconcilia­tion, it will take a long time to forgive those who so recklessly endangered the country’s future yet still ignore all evidence and maintain they were right. Polls have continuous­ly shown most people believe that Brexit was a mistake, but we will have to live with it as best we can.

So much for those sunny uplands! Hardline Brexit supporters need to stand up and own this mess.

Incidental­ly, it needs pointing out to Adrian Jones that vaccinatio­n policies are a matter for sovereign government­s, not an EU policy. Yes, the same sovereignt­y which we never lost.

Nigel Jones


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