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SEVEN Ways To Change THE World

by Gordon Brown, Simon & Schuster, hardback £25 (ebook £9.99)


If Gordon Brown remains haunted by the global economic meltdown during his reign as UK prime minister, it has not quelled his desire to change the world.

Since his premiershi­p ended, Brown – now 70 – has continued his mission to tackle the pressing problems the world faces, particular­ly in his position as a United Nations Special Envoy.

Seven Ways To Change The World is a manifesto; Brown rails against the resurgence of nationalis­m and isolationi­sm, poor pandemic planning, inequality across society and the proliferat­ion of nuclear arms.

The key to each of his arguments is the importance of internatio­nal co-operation – but perhaps he is too quick to overlook tribalism and selfintere­st, which have prevented these otherwise credible utopian visions from properly manifestin­g for centuries.

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