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Consumed: A sister’s story


By Arifa Akbar, Sceptre, £16.99 (ebook £9.99)


Arifa Akbar’s story is one of sisterly love, a family trapped between two cultures, and the repeated misdiagnos­is of a deadly disease.

Arifa’s older sister Fauzia died a painful and unnecessar­y death as doctors failed to recognise tuberculos­is – otherwise known as consumptio­n.

Consumed takes the reader down a journey of the conflicts between two countries, as Arifa’s family relocate from Pakistan to the UK and back more than once.

A theatre critic, Akbar leans heavily on her work and integrates the story of TB down the ages for her first fulllength book, from the suffering heroines of opera and poet Keats’ deathbed, to its resurgence in this country. Published as we reel from the coronaviru­s pandemic, this story of sisterly love – and sometimes hate – will resonate with many.

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