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General Knowledge Quiz


1. What is the SI symbol of the element sodium?

A Na


C Pa

D So

2. Which mischievou­s fairy also called Robin Goodfellow appears in Shakespear­e’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

A Dogberry

B Ariel

C Prospero

D Puck

3. Who was appointed Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town in 1986? A Desmond Tutu

B Roger Tutu

C Horace Tutu

D Leonard Tutu

4. Who wrote I Claudius and Claudius the God?

A Joshua Podro

B T.E. Lawrence

C Robert Graves

D Allan Sillitoe

5. Who hosted the live BBC 1 sports chat show On Side?

A Barry Fry

B Desmond Lynam

C John Inverdale

D Gary Lineker

6. Which recent BBC1 drama adapted from Nancy Mitford’s 1945 novel starred Lily James and Emily Beecham?

A Love in a Cold Climate

B The Pursuit of Love

C Highland Fling

D The Blessing

7. Who played Bob in the classic comedy series The Likely Lads? A Raymond Brewster

B Richard Bowles

C Roger Black

D Rodney Bewes

8. Which comedy team had a 1956 Top Ten hit with I’m Walking Backwards for Christmas?

A Monty Python

B The Geeks

C The Two Ronnies

D The Goons

9. Who was the Indian boy in Kipling’s Jungle Books?

A Tonto

B Baloo

C Shere Kahn

D Mowgli 10. Which Austrian-born Israeli philosophe­r wrote the influentia­l work I-thou?

A Martin Buber

B Immanuel Kant

C Edward Bouverie Pusey

D Karl Marx

11. What is the 4th constellat­ion of the Zodiac?

A Leo

B Pisces

C Libra

D Cancer

12. Which country is also known as Eire?

A Northern Ireland

B Scotland

C The Republic of Ireland

D Wales

13. In which year was the classic Western High Noon, starring Gary Cooper, released?

A 1962

B 1952

C 1939

D 1948

14. Which author wrote the novel Manhattan Transfer and the trilogy USA?

A Anthony Burgess

B Mervyn Peake

C John Dos Passos

D Chinua Achebe

15. According to the Bible who baptised Jesus?

A Mark the Baptist

B Luke the Baptist

C Matthew the Baptist

D John the Baptist

 ??  ?? Lily James] See Question 6.
Lily James] See Question 6.

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