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There’s plenty to harvest now – courgettes quickly before they turn to marrows, second earlies and maincrop potatoes if foliage is going yellow. French and runner beans can be cropped regularly and onions, shallots and garlic are ready to dig up when foliage becomes yellow and flops over.

Check for cabbage white butterfly eggs and remove. Do the same with blackfly on broad beans and aphids everywhere.

Spot treat lawn weeds or pull out by hand if possible.

Going on holiday? Move pots to shady positions and ask a friendly neighbour to water them.

Cut back perennials that are finished or those that will give a second flush such as hardy geraniums. Dead head bedding plants and perennials to encourage more flowers.

If lavender is going over, trim now to prevent it becoming leggy.

It may seem an age away but you could be ordering your spring bulbs now for delivery in September.

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