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Charge ‘offending’ vehicles off-road too


I agree that residents’ parking permits should have a reasonable increase. However, I see the idea of the type of engine dictating the individual costs as blatant discrimina­tion. As I understand it, the council has decided that particular vehicles using the residents’ parking will be charged extra if they are considered to have higher pollutant emissions.

If the council has correctly identified the offending vehicles then that penalty should also be applicable to all similar vehicles being parked off-road, or driven, in the areas to which the revised parking rules apply. We should not have one rule for the “haves” and another for the “don’t haves”.

If the council is unable to treat all residents equally then the “pollution tax” should not be levied on those who cannot afford to upgrade their vehicle.

The published comment “I hope that these measures, which I strongly support, will encourage people to think twice before they buy the biggest vehicles” demonstrat­es the ignorance of the council members. The people who buy the biggest vehicles are probably those who reside outside the CAZ or have off-road parking and/or garages. In short, this change of policy will not affect them.

Bob Lawrence


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