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7 In early west­ern phys­i­o­log­i­cal the­ory, there were four of these: blood, phlegm, yel­low bile and black bile ( 7) 8 Name ap­plied to US racial dis­crim­i­na­tion laws, de­rived from an early 19th-cen­tury min­strel rou­tine (3,4) 10 The Soviet Peo­ple’s Com­mis­sar for Jus­tice, Niko­lai, who was ex­e­cuted him­self to­wards the end of the Great Purge (8) 11 In feu­dal times, a vas­sal’s ac­knowl­edge­ment of sub­mis­sion to his lord (6) 12 Carl, whose op­ti­cal in­stru­ment work­shop, opened in Jena in 1846, de­vel­oped into a firm with a high rep­u­ta­tion world­wide (5) 14 An an­cient re­gion that cov­ered the area now com­pris­ing Tus­cany and part of Um­bria ( 7) 16 The queen whose tar­nished rep­u­ta­tion was fur­ther dam­aged by the ‘Af­fair of the Di­a­mond Neck­lace’ in 1785, though she was blame­less (5,10) 19 He dis­claimed his hered­i­tary peer­ages to be­come (a short-lived) PM (4,4) 21 In his Dec­la­ra­tion of __ (4 April 1660), Charles II made cer­tain prom­ises in re­turn for his restora­tion to the English throne (5) 22 The con­tro­ver­sial process of its be­com­ing an au­ton­o­mous re­gion of China be­gan in 1950 (5) 24 Arthur Welles­ley’s pop­u­lar nick­name (4,4) 26 Henry Stu­art, Lord ___, Mary, Queen of Scots’ sec­ond hus­band and fa­ther of James VI and I ( 7) 27 Chris­tian mar­tyr, sup­pos­edly ex­e­cuted after switch­ing clothes with a hunted priest; a Herts town is named after him (2,5)


1/6 Daugh­ter of Pope Alexan­der VI and prom­i­nent mem­ber of an in­fa­mous Ital­ian fam­i­lymily (8,6) 2 Ma­te­rial used in the Lord Speaker’s chair, as a sym­bol of its im­por­tance to English pros­per­ity in the Middle Ages (4) 3 Ger­manic-speak­ing peo­ple from the lower Rhine area (3rd cen­tury AD), later be­com­ing a dom­i­nant force in Europe (6) 4 English monarch whose heart is buried in Rouen ( 7,1) 5 The Min­ute­man, first de­ployed in 1962, was such a weapon (ab­brev.) (4) 6 See 1 down 9 El­iz­a­beth I’s chief min­is­ter, who played a ma­jor role in her suc­ces­sion by King James (6,5) 13 Epic poem set dur­ing the Trojan war (5) 15 The term ‘sher­iff’ partly de­rives from this word for a high-rank­ing of­fi­cial of An­glo-Saxon and later times (5) 17 Some of the ‘Cam­bridge spies’ were mem­bers of the univer­sity’s se­cret so­ci­ety, formed in 1820 (with 12 mem­bers), The ____ (8) 18 An­cient travel route such as that used by pil­grims be­twe een Winch­ester and Can­ter­bury C (8) 20 In ear­lier tim mes, some­one de­clared as su uch, was lit­er­ally beyon d le­gal pro­tec­tion (6) 21 King Fer­di­nand made Ho­ra­tio Nel­son 1st duke of this Si­cil­ian town in 1799 (6) 23 John, Bri­tish ad­mi­ral, found guilty of ne­glect of duty, hav­ing made the de­ci­sion not to re­lieve Mi­norca in May 1756 (4) 25 Slang term for a state ben­e­fit, de­riv­ing from the days of char­i­ta­ble hand­outs (4)

Who’s this mem­berm of an in­famou s Ital­ian fam­ily? (see 1/ /6 down)

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