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BBC History Magazine - - Miscellany - BY JU­LIAN HUMPHRYS

1. Which English queen was born at Grafton Regis in Northamp­ton­shire?

2. Which artist (pic­tured left) wwas killed in July 194 44 while serv­ing with w the Welsh Guards G in Nor­mandy? N 3. 3 What hap­pened h at Kinder K Scout in Der­byshire on 24 April 1932? 4. What links bach­e­lors, win­dows and hearths?

5. Which was the first self- gov­ern­ing coun­try to ex­tend the vote to all adult women? 6. Near which river is this build­ing? A. The Loire B. The Danube C. The Tees

QUIZ AN­SWERS 1. El­iz­a­beth Woodville, wife of Ed­ward IV. 2. Rex Whistler. 3. There was a mass tres­pass. 4. They were all the sub­ject of taxes. 5. New Zealand. 6. C. The Tees. It’s the Bowes Museum at Barnard Cas­tle.



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