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7 The ___ Book, writ­ten down about 970, is the largest col­lec­tion of Old English poetry in ex­is­tence (6) 8 See 2 down 10 As a mem­ber of the Gang of Four, she was the most in­flu­en­tial woman in the Peo­ple’s Repub­lic of China (5,4) 12 The feu­dal bond be­tween a man and his over­lord (5) 13 The Ja­maican nurse who was be­lat­edly hon­oured for her nurs­ing achieve­ments, par­tic­u­larly dur­ing the Crimean War (4,7) 15 Town of the Somme de­part­ment of France – Joan of Arc and the fu­ture Napoleon III were two no­table de­tainees in its fortress (3) 16 Scot­tish mathematician, John, who orig­i­nated the sys­tem of log­a­rithms in the 17th cen­tury (6) 18 North­ern­most of Ire­land’s four tra­di­tional prov­inces (6) 22 A Euro­pean state from 1949 un­til 1990 (ab­brev) (3) 23 The cam­paigner who opened Bri­tain’s first birth control clinic in 1921 (5,6) 25 Joe, an­ar­chic writer of black come­dies, killed by his lover in 1967 (5) 26 Name of the ship, bro­ken by pack ice, used for Shack­le­ton’s 1914–16 Antarc­tic ex­pe­di­tion (9) 28 The so-called ___ Rev­o­lu­tion that re­sulted in the ac­ces­sion of Wil­liam and Mary to the throne (8) 29 Fam­ily name of an heiress of a US me­dia em­pire, kid­napped by left­ist rad­i­cals in 1974 (6)


1 A 20th-cen­tury Poet Lau­re­ate and de­fender of Vic­to­rian ar­chi­tec­ture (8) 2/8 Bri­tish nurse, fem­i­nist and paci­fist who, in 1933, wrote a best­selling me­moir of her First World War ex­pe­ri­ences (4,8) 3 Pre­his­toric rit­ual en­clo­sures (6) 4 A mounted, armed in­fantry­man: the term sur­vives in the names of cer­tain reg­i­ments ( 7) 5 US army of­fi­cer, ‘ Vine­gar Joe’, who be­came Chi­ang Kai-shek’s chief of staff (8) 6 The­olo­gian whose ‘proof’ of God’s ex­is­tence has prompted great de­bate – he died at Can­ter­bury in 1109 and was made a saint (6) 9 Name of four kings of Egypt (the fourth one be­came Akhen­aten) (9) 11 Name of a num­ber of grand princes of Moscow, the first reign­ing from around 1328– 40 (4) 14 Com­pen­sa­tion ex­tracted from eg Ger­many after the two world wars (10) 17 King of Eng­land, nick­named ‘Iron­side’ be­cause of his staunch re­sis­tance to Cnut’s in­va­sion (6,2) 19 Gabriel Dante, painter/poet, who helped to found the Pre- Raphaelite Brother­hood (8) 20 The last king of Ly­dia, de­feated by Cyrus the Great ( 7) 21 US so­cial an­thro­pol­o­gist, Mar­garet – the sci­en­tific sound­ness of her book Com­ing of Age in Samoa (1928) has been ques­tioned (4) 22 15th-cen­tury king of Bo­hemia and head of the Utraquist fac­tion of the Hus­sites (6) 24 Coun­try that came into be­ing in 1923 with the of­fi­cial demise of the Ot­toman state (6) 27 Ro­man em­peror, the last of the Julio- Clau­dian line (4)

What was the real name of the man dubbed ‘Iron­side’?(see 17 down)

This so­cial re­former opened Bri­tain’s first birth control clinic (see 23 across)

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