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1 The ti­tle con­ferred on Gandhi by his ador­ing fol­low­ers ( 7) 5 Nazi or­gan­i­sa­tion set up by Göring in 1933, taken over by Himm­ler in 1934 ( 7) 10/ 7d Coastal for­ti­fi­ca­tion such as those used against the in­va­sion of Bri­tain dur­ing the Napoleonic Wars (8,5) 11/26d Al­though this king of Bri­tain was the heir ap­par­ent from birth, he was over 50 be­fore be­ing al­lowed an ac­tive role in state af­fairs (6,3) 12 See 17 across 13 One of the world’s great em­pires, oc­cu­py­ing present-day north­ern Iraq and south-east­ern Tur­key ( 7) 15 One of the first and most im­por­tant Ro­man roads, con­nect­ing the em­pire’s cap­i­tal with Brin­disi (3,5) 17/12 Folk hero of the Amer­i­can Rev­o­lu­tion, im­mor­talised in a bal­lad by Henry Longfel­low (4,6) 19 Com­man­der of the Bri­tish Ex­pe­di­tionary Force from 1915-18, who pur­sued a con­tro­ver­sial strat­egy of at­tri­tion (4) 20 Fa­mous In­dian di­a­mond, the cen­tral stone in the Queen Mother’s crown (3-1- 4) 22 South-east Asian coun­try which lost up to 2 mil­lion of its peo­ple un­der a dev­as­tat­ing po­lit­i­cal regime in the 1970s (8) 24 Peo­ple who, in the 17th cen­tury, con­quered China and es­tab­lished that coun­try’s last dy­nasty (6) 25 Rus­sian phys­i­ol­o­gist, known chiefly for his stud­ies of con­di­tioned re­flex be­hav­iour, es­pe­cially in dogs (6) 27 eg, Pom­peii, which was re­dis­cov­ered dur­ing the 18th cen­tury (4,4) 28 Kartli is an­other name for this old Cau­casian king­dom of Ge­or­gia (6) 29 County of New York state, named af­ter the fu­ture king of Eng­land, James, Duke of York and of ___ (6)


2 Bri­tish philoso­pher and au­thor of the in­flu­en­tial 1936 book on log­i­cal pos­i­tivism, Lan­guage,

Truth and Logic (1,1,4) 3 Term used in An­glo-Saxon times to des­ig­nate a per­son of noble birth, par­tic­u­larly a mem­ber of the royal house of Wes­sex (9) 4 Sur­name of the English au­thor whose clas­sic works for chil­dren were in­spired by his son (5) 6 Town in south-west Nige­ria, said to have been founded around 1500 to pro­tect the trade route be­tween Oyo and Benin (3) 7 See 10 across 8 City of Asia Mi­nor, which be­came the cap­i­tal of the At­talid dy­nasty in the Hel­lenis­tic pe­riod (8) 9 The sa­cred al­manac of 260 days, used by the Aztecs, sim­i­lar to Mayan and Mix­tec ones (13) 14 Its throne was the sub­ject of a war of suc­ces­sion from 1701 to 1714, in­volv­ing France, Aus­tria, Bri­tain and Hol­land (5) 16 Sar­gon of __ (reigned in the 24th/23rd cen­turies BC), one of the world’s ear­li­est em­pire builders (5) 17 The peo­ple of this an­cient ter­ri­tory (mod­ern-day Le­banon) were renowned as great sea traders (9) 18 Dutch ex­otic dancer and cour­te­san, ex­e­cuted by a French fir­ing squad in 1917 for spy­ing (4,4) 21 A port of north-east­ern Eng­land, where James Cook be­gan his ca­reer as a sailor (6) 23 The bat­tle of the __ was Ger­many’s last (un­suc­cess­ful) ma­jor of­fen­sive on the west­ern front of the Se­cond World War (5) 24 City of Iraq, noted for its schools of met­al­work and paint­ing un­der the 12th/13th-cen­tury Zangid dy­nasty (5) 26 See 11 across

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