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1/34 across/14 across In June 1775, it proved to be a costly vic­tory for Bri­tain in the Amer­i­can Rev­o­lu­tion­ary War (6,2,6,4) 6 1920s US mu­sic style re­vived in 1950s Bri­tain, us­ing cheap or im­pro­vised in­stru­ments ( 7) 10 Ital­ian city founded by refugees from nearby Ro­man cities flee­ing Ger­manic in­va­sions (6) 11 City made cap­i­tal of the Western Ro­man em­pire in AD 402 ( 7) 13/23 down Term coined by Ge­orge Or­well, which came to de­fine the post­war ten­sion be­tween east and west (4,3) 14 See 1 across 15 The Ore­gon __, a ma­jor 19th-cen­tury em­i­grant route to the Amer­i­can West (5) 16 Pro­hi­bi­tion-era Chicago gang­ster, sen­tenced to 11 years for tax eva­sion, but re­leased early due to ill­ness (2,6) 18 eg, a mem­ber of the 21st reg­i­ment that fought at Om­dur­man in 1898 (6) 20 “The first com­puter pro­gram­mer”, math­e­ma­ti­cian daugh­ter of Lord By­ron (3,8) 22 The Ger­man mil­i­tary in­tel­li­gence ser­vice from the early 1920s to the end of the Sec­ond World War (6) 24 18th-cen­tury in­ven­tor of the ‘pud­dling process’ for con­vert­ing pig iron to wrought iron (5,4) 26 Baby­lo­nian ruler cel­e­brated for his code of laws (9) 28 A mem­ber of one of Bri­gadier Win­gate’s long-range pen­e­tra­tion groups in the Burma cam­paign of the Sec­ond World War ( 7) 31 Af­ter only 82 days as vice pres­i­dent of the US, he un­ex­pect­edly be­came pres­i­dent, go­ing on to win one more term (5,1,6) 34 See 1 across 35 The first PM of the Congo Repub­lic, forced out of of­fice af­ter a few months, and later killed ( 7) 37 John __, best known for his pa­ter­nal­is­tic role as first di­rec­tor gen­eral of the BBC (5) 38 The ‘Achille Lauro’ hijacking of 1985 was car­ried out by a fac­tion of this or­gan­i­sa­tion (3) 39 He be­came king of all Eng­land on Ed­mund’s death in 1016 (4) 40 1714/15 leg­is­la­tion against “tu­mul­tuous as­sem­blies” (4,3) 41/3 down Pop­u­lar name for the pro­ceed­ings in July 1925, in Ten­nessee, against John T Scopes, charged with teach­ing evo­lu­tion (6,5) 42 11th/12th-cen­tury French the­olo­gian, fa­mous for his leg­endary love af­fair ( 7) 43 The Arab Re­volt, be­gun in 1916, ef­fec­tively ended with the free­ing of this city from Ot­toman rule in 1918 (8)


2 This land mass was named af­ter the explorer, Ve­spucci (8) 3 See 41 across 4 A prince who par­tic­i­pated in choos­ing the Holy Ro­man Em­peror ( 7) 5 One of the Ir­ish coun­ties whose con­fis­cated lands were set­tled by English and Scots in the ‘Plan­ta­tion of Ul­ster’ dur­ing the 17th cen­tury (9) 6 Now a city-state, it was founded by Stam­ford Raf­fles of the East In­dia Com­pany in the early 19th cen­tury (9) 7 A force re­cruited from In­dian PoWs of the Ja­panese in 1942 to fight against Bri­tish rule (ab­brev.) (3) 8 The old­est na­tional football com­pe­ti­tion in the world (2,3) 9 The ac­tress, made a dame in 1925, who had a cel­e­brated cor­re­spon­dence with Ge­orge Bernard Shaw (5,5) 12 In­ven­tor of the bat­tery, Alessan­dro ___, af­ter whom a unit of elec­tric force is named (5) 17 V-shaped (of­ten in­verted) heraldic mo­tif ( 7) 19 The Protes­tant arch­bishop of Can­ter­bury who was ex­e­cuted when Mary Tudor be­came queen ( 7) 21 Ro­man em­peror Ju­lianus ac­quired his ti­tle at one (in AD 193) ( 7) 23 See 13 across 25 African town, lo­ca­tion of the Jan­uary 1943 con­fer­ence in­volv­ing Roo­sevelt and Churchill (10) 27 Sup­ply route, over 1,100km long, used by China un­til Ja­pan cap­tured the rail­head at its source in 1942 (5,4) 29 Amer­i­can as­tronomer, ___ Leav­itt, noted for her work on vari­able stars, used by later as­tronomers to mea­sure the dis­tance to other galax­ies (9) 30 Judge who presided over the ‘Bloody As­sizes’ of 1685 (8) 32 An­cient town, made the cap­i­tal of the north­ern king­dom of Is­rael by Omri in the ninth cen­tury BC ( 7) 33 Sur­name of a 17th-cen­tury buc­ca­neer, or a US 19th/20th-cen­tury fi­nancier (6) 34 A king­dom of the Holy Ro­man Em­pire which later formed part of the Czech Repub­lic ( 7) 36 Raised mound of earth, sur­rounded by a ditch, a pop­u­lar fea­ture of medieval cas­tles (5) 38 Name ap­plied to the three wars be­tween Rome and Carthage, end­ing in 146 BC (5)

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