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I enjoyed Jacob Rees-Mogg’s My History Hero feature about Benjamin Disraeli (Christmas). However, I think his projection of how Disraeli would feel about Brexit fails, inevitably, to address the fact that Disraeli was living in a different world, where Britain was at the centre of a world empire, whose world trading rights were defended by a powerful army and navy.

Since those halcyon days, Britain’s empire has collapsed, our armed forces have been pared to the bone and Europe itself has changed.

After being ravaged by two world wars, the continent has rebuilt itself into a mutually supportive union – a trading and political partnershi­p. Certainly there have been issues: nothing is perfectly formed. But personally, I would hope that a modern Disraeli might have the perspectiv­e and the prescience to realise that, in the 21st century, continued membership of the European Union is the better way forward. Alan Gidney, North Lincolnshi­re

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