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Now’s the time to tackle your smartphone


At last, using your smartphone can be easy, simple and stress-free. Find out how...

Modern mobile phones – smartphone­s as they’re called – can do so much more than just make phone calls.

From browsing the web wherever you are, checking train times, acting as a sat-nav... And best of all they can make it so easy to keep in touch with family and friends – in so many ways, from sharing photos to making video calls.

But using them isn’t always as easy as you’d want – and that’s putting it mildly!

Do the manufactur­ers do it on purpose? Sometimes it can seem like the manufactur­ers deliberate­ly make them complicate­d – and how you do things is often hidden away. It might be easy once you know, but until you’ve been shown the easy way, it can drive you mad.

In fact only yesterday I was talking to someone whose Mum had got a new all-singing-alldancing phone – but she couldn’t work out how to answer a phone call on it! She’s not daft – it’s just that it’s different from what she’d used before and the phone didn’t come with a manual telling her what to do.

Whether you have similar problems or you’re trying to do something slightly more advanced, the thing is, it can be easy to use them... once you know how. But until you’ve been shown, it can be like talking a different language. That’s why we’ve published these two books by Tim Wakeling: iPhones one Step at a Time and Android Smartphone­s One Step at a Time.

Plain English... and that’s not all

They explain how to use the phone, in plain simple language with pictures of the screen showing you exactly where to tap or slide your fingers. No jargon!

What’s covered?

I can’t list it all here. But amongst other things, you’ll discover:

• The basics of controllin­g it – swiping, tapping, opening apps & so on.

• How to use it as a sat-nav... in the car or even on foot.

• Send emails from your phone.

• Instant messaging and how to use it.

• Make it easier to read the screen.

• Most phones have a good camera so you can take photos: here’s how to use it properly (and for videos). • Video phone calls – a great way to keep up with family who live a long way away.

• Share photos with friends around the world – quickly and easily.

• See updates, photos and video clips from friends and family – as soon as they “post” them.

• Browse the web at home or out & about.

• Choosing and downloadin­g apps.

• And obviously, you can make phone calls and send and receive text messages. (“Voicemail” is covered, too).

All explained nice and simply. (Find out more in the free informatio­n pack – read on...)

What one reader had to say:

“Thanks for a fantastic smart phone book. Very pleasant staff as usual. I think this book should be sold with every smart phone. I have learnt so much from it, the info you get with the phone is non-existent. Smart phones are quite complex, and your books speak in plain English.”

Only half the story

That’s only half the story but I don’t have room to explain here. We’ve put together full informatio­n on the books – who they’re for, what they cover and so on.

What’s more the books also come with a free gift – no room to explain that here either.

Don’t buy now, do this instead

The books aren’t available in the shops or on Amazon. Instead, send off now to get a completely free, no-obligation informatio­n pack. It’ll explain what the books cover, who they’re suitable for and so on – showing you just how it could help you.

Just give us a ring on 01229 777606 and speak to Emma, Jade, Alicia, Karen or Steph – you can call weekdays 8am-6pm or Saturdays 9am-3.30pm.

Or send your name and postal address to HI0421@helpfulboo­ or post the coupon to The Helpful Book Company, 13B Devonshire Road Estate, Millom, Cumbria LA18 4JS today to get your full informatio­n pack – we’ll put it in the post to you straight away (and we’ll keep your details private – we won’t share them).

Even if you don’t know what type of smartphone you have, the informatio­n pack will show you how to tell.

Best order your info pack now and soon you could be getting so much more from your phone – with much less hassle.

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 ??  ?? Suitable for iPhones, Android phones like Samsungs and so on and Doros. (Not sure what phone you have? Best send off for the free info pack)
Suitable for iPhones, Android phones like Samsungs and so on and Doros. (Not sure what phone you have? Best send off for the free info pack)
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