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Dominic Sandbrook

“Since they exploded into the national imaginatio­n in late 1962, the Beatles have been synonymous with both the sixties and British culture itself. Will we ever run out of things to say about them? I doubt it, somehow.” Dominic runs through eight landmark moments in the Beatles’ career that defined British society in the sixties

Annie Gray

“I’m forever being asked about the history of Christmas dinner, so I’ve written a book about it. Food tells us so much about who we are and how our society works. Plus, lots of the recipes are delicious.”

Annie tucks in to the foods of Christmase­s past and explains why the traditiona­l dinner was a long time in the making

Brianna RobertsonK­irkland

“Like the star-studded female pop singers of the 21st-century, the prima donnas of the Georgian era were overtly sexualised by the press. Their public portrayal says a lot about the social expectatio­ns of the day.”

Brianna reveals how Georgian prima donnas paid a high price for their celebrity status

Nadine Akkerman

“In my new book, the biography of Elizabeth Stuart, I want to show the strong-willed, fierce and politicall­y savvy woman she was, rather than the tragic figure that fills the popular imaginatio­n.” Nadine considers how close the daughter of James VI & I came to becoming Queen Elizabeth II

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