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Second World War



Second World War week

Join us from 6–10 December, as we mark the 80th anniversar­y of the attack on Pearl Harbor, a catalyst for the USA’s entry into the war. We’ll also be exploring other key moments, including Dunkirk and D-Day, plus offering fresh interpreta­tions of figures such as Churchill and Hitler. A series of articles, podcasts and quizzes will take you from appeasemen­t to VJ Day. historyext­

Sex in the Middle Ages

Medieval views on sex are sometimes characteri­sed as accepting of excessive violence, or otherwise almost comically repressed. Is this a fair portrayal? Not so, explains Dr Katherine Harvey who was interviewe­d for our HistoryExt­ra podcast. historyext­ medieval-sex

Your guide to King Charles II

How did Charles come to the throne? How many children did he have? And why is the title the “merry monarch” less flattering than you might think? Clare Jackson presents a guide to the royal and the Restoratio­n. historyext­ charles-ii

Rival queens?

Anne Boleyn and Catherine of Aragon are often portrayed as rivals: the scorned Catholic on one side and the reformist seductress on the other. But, argues -ate McCaffrey, they may have had more in common than the histories make out. historyext­ catherine-or-anne

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