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I enjoyed Terry Blain’s enthusiasm for André Previn’s 1971 recording of Vaughan Williams’s A Pastoral Symphony (Nov) – not only because he rightly praises Previn’s understand­ing of the work, but also that he gives credit to the orchestra (the LSO) and particular­ly some of its principal players. John Georgiadis (violin), Gervase de Peyer (clarinet) and William Bennett

(flute) were named; but who were the anonymous contributo­rs on oboe, viola, horn and trumpet? I can tell you that the oboist

was the late lamented Roger WORTH £170! Lord, the violist Alexander Taylor, the horn player Tony ★alstead, and the trumpeter ★oward Snell – all players well-known in other contexts. Rememberin­g that the LSO was a maledomina­ted orchestra, I also enquired as to whether any WIN A DIGITAL RADIO!

heroines were present.

Every month the editor will award a Pure Evoke H4 (retail The only regular member value £170 – see www.pure. then was the second com) to the writer of the best harp; the current LSO letter received. The editor

membership is one-third reserves the right to shorten

female. That’s progress! letters for publicatio­n.

Jeremy Polmear, London

 ??  ?? Perfect Pastoral: André Previn and the LSO, 1979
Perfect Pastoral: André Previn and the LSO, 1979
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