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Marantz SA-10 £6,000


It’s difficult to look past the price tag on a CD player that costs the same as a half-decent hatchback, but I wanted to discover just how much better a high-end hi-fi component could be, and what it will really add to the musical performanc­e.

The SA-10 is 18kg of high-class audio engineerin­g that will play virtually all music discs – including Super Audio CDS (SACDS) and music from DVD-ROM – and file formats ranging from 24-bit/192khz FLACS to DSD128, ALAC, AIFF and MP3S. You can also plug in a USB memory stick or iphone and there’s coaxial and optical digital inputs too.

Listening both at home and in a dedicated demo room with equally high-end components, I was blown away by the scale of the performanc­e and the fluidity of the playback. When switching between this and other CD players – from £200£2,000 – the difference was staggering, especially the breadth of the soundstage and positionin­g of the instrument­s.

If price isn’t a concern, I suggest investing today; for everyone else, I recommend making two bookings: one for a demo at a local showroom and then with the bank manager.

 ??  ?? Compact quality: the Marantz is pricey but it’s streets ahead
Compact quality: the Marantz is pricey but it’s streets ahead

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