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JS Bach • A D bicz


JS Bach: Inventions Nos 1-15, Sinfonias Nos 1-15;

A De˛bicz: Toccatas 1-4

Aleksander D bicz (piano)

Warner Classics 9029560146 60:33 mins A Youtube film shows Aleksander D bicz walking around Warsaw ahead of recording his album Cinematic Piano. Inf luenced by film music as well as hip-hop, D bicz’s own toccatas recorded here are very conservati­ve in idiom, yet their rhythmic verve is hard to resist.

If only one could say the same about his playing of Bach’s Inventions, but a general lack of a sense of line and shading results in some lacklustre accounts, not helped by an almost complete absence of even the most basic ornamentat­ion. True, D bicz plays Bach’s own ornamented alternativ­e version of the E flat Two-part Invention, but elsewhere the music all too often sounds conspicuou­sly plain when wholly unadorned. The expressive high-point of all these pieces is the tragic F minor Three-part Invention, yet even here D bicz’s account plods unremittin­gly. The E major Twopart Invention is actually so slow that he deems it wise to omit the second repeat; and his performanc­e of the lyrical B flat piece from the same collection is lacking in warmth and affection. On the plus side, his admirable finger-staccato stands him in good stead in such pieces as the D minor Two-part Invention as well as the E minor, but it’s not enough to lift these performanc­es to a higher plane. Misha Donat



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