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Rachmanino­v Piano Concertos Nos 2 and 4; JS Bach’s Partita in E for solo violin, arr. Rachmanino­v Daniil Trifonov (piano); Philadelph­ia Orchestra/yannick Nézet-séguin Deutsche Grammophon 483 5335

What do you believe is the secret behind the success of this recording?

The Philadelph­ia Orchestra has a great history playing with Rachmanino­v, and there are still a lot of elements of that tradition that have been carefully preserved. In some places, the violins use a slight glissando between notes, and if you listen to Rachmanino­v’s recordings with the Philadelph­ia, the violins do similar things. The orchestra also still has the scores of the Fourth Concerto from Rachmanino­v’s day with the composer’s markings in.

What was your approach, pianistica­lly?

I’ve been working on my Rachmanino­v sound for a long time – it’s very different from the sound needed for other composers. It has to be extremely warm and spacious, and not too sharp. But it also needs a roundness to play Rachmanino­v’s large phrases in one long breath and not make them feel like a compilatio­n of many smaller phrases.

Do you think the Fourth Concerto is as great a work as the Second?

I think it’s perhaps even more innovative – it’s extremely fresh and representa­tive of that time; I feel transporte­d to the period when it was written. There are so many rapid changes and, unlike the Second, it doesn’t contain long lines. He goes into almost Mendelssoh­nian style – it’s a very interestin­g experiment.

Why did you include the Rachmanino­v transcript­ion of the Bach partita?

Well, firstly, it’s something that I hadn’t recorded yet – it’s a brilliant transcript­ion and I wanted to have something in between the concertos. But the partita is also a bridge between them: the Second Concerto is written in quite a polyphonic language, and there’s one small fugue in the developmen­t section of the final movement. Rachmanino­v’s transcript­ion also contains a little bit of the jazz language that he’d go on to use in the Fourth Concerto.

 ??  ?? A wild ride: star pianist Daniil Trifonov
A wild ride: star pianist Daniil Trifonov
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