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The BBC Music Magazine PRIZE CROSSWORD NO. 333

- Crossword set by Paul Henderson

The first correct solution of our crossword picked at random will win a copy of The Oxford Companion to Music. A runnerup will win Who Knew? Answers to Questions about Classical Music (see Send answers to: BBC Music Magazine, Crossword 333/May, PO Box 501, Leicester, LE94 0AA to arrive by 14 May 2019 (solution in August 2019 issue). ACROSS

1 Criticises popular music

performanc­es (4)

3 Supplying proof, translatin­g

native lied (10)

10 Puccini, say, showing US

soldier beside a lake in Italy (7) 11 Punk is more about Society,

less like the Rolling Stones? (7) 12 A playful piece, involving Latin

dancing and no sense of key (9) 13 Albeniz, perhaps, is a source

of Andalusian charm, principall­y (5) 14 Turned on about line in gentle

tune (4)

15 Composer, busy figure, though

venerable (9)

18 We go on social media about debut

of the Welsh rock group (3,3,3) 20 Half of Dies and alternate bits

of irae? Dreadful (4)

22 Awaken US composer (5)

24 I run back, enthralled by e.g.

organ with variation of chant? (9) 25 Rubbish in last two-thirds of slow

movement played restlessly (7) 26 Chap’s acquired CD label – they’re

a substantia­l presence (7) 27 Tattles drunkenly after quantity

of beer, doing for 28 by 9 (10) 28 Chamber work a great success

with last part placed first (4)


1 Rising musical sense about to

urge popular genre (6) 2 Mechanical player captured in oil

paints, possibly (9)

4 Volume surroundin­g one in acknowledg­ement to audience? Many a string player needs it (6, 3) 5 28 by 20 down, of the French

style, ends in glum dark key (5) 6 One of the Monkees sent him

off the rails (7)

7 I start to admit securing business in European holiday and music hub (5)

8 Lately gutted second half of electronic works in electronic instrument (7)

9 Australian in market for

composer (6)

16 Heart etc dancing on taking in

new ballet movement (9) 17 Librettist, say, Verdi fires, possibly after missing first of deadlines (9)

18 Awkward cut repaired, capturing Handel’s first threatenin­g figure (3,4)

19 Observe English leading the

old dance (7)

20 Czech composer, God willing, one engaged in work

(not overture) (6)

21 Romanian composer seen

working with company (6) 23 Employing University chorus (5) 24 Good crowd for 28 by 15 (5)

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