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Bbc Music Magazine Awards

BBC Music Magazine Awards 33 BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE this music was almost invariably viewed and experience­d through a prism of 19th-century rhetoric,’ he wrote. ‘Listening to Faust and Melnikov deftly tracing the evanescent contours of the Violin Sonata comes therefore as something of a revelation.’ This, Tamestit adds, is down to the fact that all the players on this disc are ‘ferocious advocates of contempora­ry music’, despite playing on period instrument­s here. It is this contrast that helps give a colour of the past as well as a modernity to the interpreta­tions. ‘We used period instrument­s from exactly the time the works were written,’ he says. ‘The harp and flute are of the era, and the harpist and I used gut strings’. It was, interestin­gly, Debussy who also took centre stage in the Chamber category of last year’s BBC Music Magazine Awards. Anniversar­y aside, why does he continue to enjoy such popularity among both performers and listeners? ‘Everyone can understand and feel his music,’ says Tamestit. ‘It’s intellectu­al genius, but it’s also based on primal, gutsy, instinctiv­e feeling.’

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