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The BBC Music Magazine PRIZE CROSSWORD NO. 336

- Crossword set by Paul Henderson

The first correct solution of our crossword picked at random will win a copy of The Oxford Companion to Music. A runnerup will win Who Knew? Answers to Questions about Classical Music (see Send answers to: BBC Music Magazine, Crossword 336/Aug, PO Box 501, Leicester, LE94 0AA to arrive by 7 August 2019 (solution in Nov 2019 issue).


1 Stick waving a skill for this conductor (10)

7 Egyptian soprano spoke (4) 9 Violinist: Heifetz ultimately chap enthrallin­g Britain and its Queen (8) 10 Melodious line about to appear in piece for two (6)

11 Russian choreograp­her favoured beer (6)

12 One going downhill, penning bar offering less substance (8)

13 Quiet opening to rondo before disorder and high-pitched sound (10)

17 Selection of Arne attempted – impressive (4)

18 Britten role sung after change of heart (4)

20 Bartók work in broadcast enticed USA (5,5)

22 Composer, Russian or

European brought in to succeed Viennese composer (8)

24 Members following contralto’s scales (6)

26 One song recalled among

2,000 from singer Makeba (6) 27 Beethoven finale held back a small amount, filling most of old theatre finally? Finally (3,2,3) 28 BBC conductor curtailed song (4) 29 American singer – very popular on reflection – one man is excited (4,6)


2 A source of inspiratio­n for what entertaine­r wants to do (5) 3 Honoured retirees: four from old US string quartet and

Italian one (7)

4 The French intend to take up Howell’s tone poem (5)

5 Home of famous choir family associated with G&S (5)

6 Players to take action about one soprano? It’s not a major affair (4,5)

7 Finnish composer without company in Sweden and Norway (7) 8 Awkward but strangely gentle in conclusion to sonata (9)

14 Hinted I’m upset over hard

German composer (9)

15 With arrangemen­t, Handel aims to send hearts flying, the amorous fellow (6,3)

16 Long time to be enthralled by

Cage only (3)

19 Fellow with Bostridge, say, making a bloomer (7)

21 Even article from Boulez is initially supporting opening of Met (7) 23 Organ playing producing complainin­g sound (5)

24 ABBA musical, say, reaches stage, though only in part (5)

25 Strike note, as clarinets are played? (5)

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