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There are beau­ti­ful birds and there are strange birds, and nor­mally they are dis­tinct groups. But there is an ex­cep­tion to this rule – the shim­mer­ing, neon-or­ange-and­black-coloured An­dean cock-of-the-rock with its per­fect semi­cir­cle of a crest atop its head (though in some ways the Guianan species looks even more ec­cen­tric). Found in the mid-al­ti­tude cloud forests of the An­des, the cock-of-the-rock is also renowned for its lek danc­ing, in which groups of males strut their stuff to po­ten­tial fe­males. The up­per reaches of Manu Na­tional Park, one of the world’s bio­di­ver­sity hotspots, in southern Peru is as good a place as any to start your quest.


The beau­ti­fully ec­cen­tric cock-of-the-rock is the na­tional bird of Peru.

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