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9 Pri­mate na­tive to Mada­gas­car (4-6, 5) 10 Colour­ful bird of trop­i­cal Cen­tral and South Amer­ica such as the white bell­bird or An­dean cock-of-the-rock (7) 12 Plant with an aro­matic white root, known in Scot­land as crum­mock (7) 13 Arm of the north At­lantic to which the Copen­hagen cockle is en­demic (6, 3) 14 Bur­row­ing mam­mals of the fam­ily Talp­i­dae (5) 15 The ___ fly, also known as the fruit fly, is widely used in ge­netic re­search (7) 18 Lizard-like rep­tile of New Zealand (7) 21 Or­gans of a vas­cu­lar plant (5) 23 An­nual plant, widely con­sid­ered a weed, that can cause skin ir­ri­ta­tion; Rot­tboel­lia cochinchi­nen­sis (9) 25 Bright-coloured peren­ni­als na­tive to Mex­ico (7) 26 Mediter­ranean herb in the mint fam­ily (7) 29 Small se­abird, Tha­las­soica antarc­tica, found in the South­ern Ocean (9, 6)


1 In­for­mal, short­ened name for a large, preda­tory aquatic rep­tile (4)

2 Tiny fly­ing in­sect of the sub­or­der Ne­ma­to­cera (4)

3 The ___ trees of South-east Asia and Aus­trala­sia also known as net­tle trees (8)

4 De­cid­u­ous flow­er­ing shrubs of the olive fam­ily (6)

5 Woodland song­bird with a bright orange tail (8)

6 Genus of flow­er­ing plant that in­cludes gar­lic, leek and chive (6)

7 The ___bird of South Amer­ica that is a species of 10 across and has a strik­ing crest (8)

8 Group of tiny or­gan­isms that may in­clude molds, al­gae and pro­to­zoa (8) 11 Large mam­mal of cen­tral Africa, re­lated to the gi­raffe (5) 15 The ___ met­al­tail is a bright green species of hum­ming­bird found in Ecuador and Colom­bia (8) 16 Term for a plant re­cently in­tro­duced to a habi­tat or re­gion (8) 17 Genus of Mid­dle East­ern moth named af­ter the en­to­mol­o­gist Hugo Reiss (8) 19 Is­land of north Wales, home to the south stack flea­wort (8) 20 Sticky com­pound pro­duced by trees such as the balsam fir and mas­tic (5) 22 Spar­rowhawk-like bird of prey found in Asia and Africa (6) 24 In bird and rep­tile anatomy, an open­ing for ex­cre­tion and re­pro­duc­tion (6) 27 York­shire river, close to the RSPB St Ai­dan’s and Fair­burn Ings (4) 28 Birds that might be short-eared, long-eared or lit­tle (4)

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